The immediate past governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike’s description of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, as “a cash cow” has elicited condemnations from some quarters.

Former governor Wike had on Monday during the flag off of the 50.1kilometre of the Port Harcourt Ring Road ascribed to the Commission as a cash cow and urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reorganize the place for maximum productivity.

Reacting to the statement, Comrade Joseph Ambakederimo, Chairman Board of Trustees Community Development Committees of Niger Delta Oil and Gas Producing Areas. (CDC) and Mr. Augustine Iyamu, Head of Secretariat said the statement was unbecoming for a former governor and a Niger Delta son.

“The statement made by Ex- Governor Wike is misplaced and can be referred to as careless talk from an individual who wants to use the bashing of the NDDC to score a cheap political mileage and warm his way into the heart of President Bola Tinubu for political patronage.

“It will be disingenuous for anyone for that matter to make unsubstantiated claim and smear the leadership that is trying hard to make a difference to develop a pathway for the infrastructural development of the region even with the meagre resources that is available at its disposal.

“Why we are not dismissing the Ex Governor’s assertion in totality, we agree that there has been some questionable developments and unwholesome practices in the recent past that leaves repugnant taste in the mouth. But it has not always been gloom and doom. No doubt there has been many very good deeds earned by the NDDC, which abound everywhere in the Niger Delta area therefore to paint the agency with one brush would be nocuous.

“I thought the political leadership from the region and all those who are close to the President should be lobbying the President to approve and release all the backlog of revenue shortfall due to the NDDC for purposes of providing a best- in – class infrastructure across the region and pursue human capital development that we lack, bring the youthful population out of poverty and empower our rural women to become self sustaining including encouraging our people to embrace agriculture.

“This is what is expected from all of us leaders and stakeholders rather than casting aspersion on very serious minded group of managers whom have shown capacity to engage in mega projects like never before in the history of the commission.


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