Segment 1:LET’S TALK

πŸ“ŒIs relationship about love or understanding? Should people go into a relationship because they love each other or because they understand each other? What really sustains a relationship? Is it love or understanding? Let’s talk


πŸ“Œ. I’ve been married to a loving and caring man for five years now. We had been expecting a child to no avail until I got pregnant six months ago with confirmation that it’s a boy I’m carrying. However,I got the shock of my life last week when I discovered that he is already married to a woman who is based abroad. Not only is he already married to another woman. He has four daughters with her. When I confronted him crying, he told me he was sorry that why he got married to me was because of his desperation for a male child. I’m devastated right now. Should I accept my fate as a step mother especially since he’s been very caring towards me or is it a stigma to be a second wife? Should I just file for a divorce for keeping me in the dark all these years and claim full custody of my child? Please,help me


πŸ“ŒCan you trust your best friend with your past secrets? Who can you trust more to conceal your bad past from your partner? Your Siblings or friends?


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