Segment 1:LET’S TALK

đź“ŚConstructive Criticism

Does a partner perform more when you evaluate their actions critically or does doing so diminish their performance?How do you criticize your partner over a wrongdoing or a flaw in such a way that they don’t feel judged or condemned? Let’s talk


đź“ŚI’m in a serious relationship with a lady with whom I only make normal phone calls. Anytime I tell her to subscribe to a data package so we can talk more and make video calls on WhatsApp,she tells me she doesn’t like long calls that I should live my life by the talk-less-do-more philosophy. Yesterday,out of curiosity,I delved into her WhatsApp and straight into her call log. I was shocked. My wife has been making consistent video calls with a guy called Joe. When I confronted her about it,she had the guts to retort that why should I expect her to make online calls with a data that another man bought for her? Can you just imagine??This is beyond my wildest dream. I don’t even know what to do. I’ll appreciate your words of advice. Should I confront her? Is there a need? Or should I just send her away?


đź“ŚIf someone you loved so much broke up with you because you were broke and a rich man who liked you two together offered you a large sum of money to get back together,would you still go back to them?


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