Segment 1:LET’S TALK

📌. Does a man have the right to go through his woman’s phone just because he bought it for her? Is it wrong or okay for a woman to deny her partner access to her phone that he bought for her? Let’s talk


I used to get money from another man to cloth and feed my man when he was broke and jobless. It was a compromise I made to show my commitment to our relationship. After he got job in an oil company,he broke up with me and told me that he knew everything and was just waiting for the right time to handle the issue and teach me a lesson to be contented with what I have. Did I do anything wrong or is he just a stupid man gone for my good?


📌.After a robbery incident,an armed robber handed the gun to the husband to shoot the wife. The husband collected the gun but then remembering everything they’ve been through together, he handed the gun back to robber to kill him instead. The robber then handed the gun to the wife to kill the husband or he kills their only son. Without hesitation,she pointed the gun at her husband and pulled the trigger…but Alas…there was no bullet in the gun. The robber walked away.

*If you were the husband,how will you react towards your wife? What will be your next move?

*If you were the wife,what explanation will you give to your husband?

*If you were invited to bring peace between the couple,what sincere advice would you give?


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