Segment 1: LET’S TALK


Working together towards common goals and aspirations

– How can couples work in the same direction towards achieving their goals?

– in what ways are you working with your partner to achieve a common goal?

– Would you say it pays off to work as a team to achieve a goal or would you rather be independent about your goals?


I’m a married woman with two years into my marriage. When we courted my husband use to tease me about how much he can’t wait to be my husband and show the world how proud of me he is. Now that we are married,the story has changed completely. He doesn’t wear his wedding ring and when I ask him why he doesn’t ,he tells me he’s preserving it from wearing out. Two days ago when I was forced to challenge him about it and why he expects me to wear mine when he doesn’t wear his,he told me he is the one who got married to me and that I’m a woman and should never bring up the issue again.I feel something is fishy. I don’t understand why a married man will not wear his ring to portray his advancement in life and commitment to his marriage.

*Is this right or is there something I don’t know?


Let’s settle this once and for all…

For what reasons should a woman marry a man? For what he is…(ie he’s rich,influential,powerful and highly respected in the society)..or for who he is…(ie, he’s good, kind,sincere,virtuous and trustworthy with all the morals in check?)


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