This guy was dating two ladies, and his family loved the one from their tribe and hated the other one from another tribe.

The Lady who his family loved so much, got pregnant for someone else while the one the family hated got pregnant for him, and he was living in a family house, after she gave birth, the guy, his parents and his siblings mistreated her.

After 1 year, they took the child out and came back and told her that they went to do DNA test and that the child does not belong to him, so the family chased her out, then she went back to her own family and started working to take care of the child and later got a visa by her cousin to USA to do baby sitting.

She left the child with her mother, but she has been sending money to take care of the child and pay the child’s school fees.

The child is now 6 years old, when she posted the child’s pictures on his 6 years birthday, some of the guy’s friends saw the pictures and started chatting him that his ex babe posted his son 6 years birthday that the boy is his photocopy, no difference, he downloaded the pictures of the child and showed his family and they told him not to let his blood waste, now they are begging the lady’s family to give them the child back. But they told them that, is the mother of the child that has a say if she agrees no problem then they will give them the child.

Now what’s your advice to her?

Should she give them the child?



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