A young lady got pregnant for her finance and the guy rejected the pregnancy and left her, she gave birth, then after 3 years she met another young well to do rich guy and they both got married.

After having one child for her new husband, her husband decided to open a standard supermarket for her, after a while she told her husband she needed a manager, and she then placed vacancy.

Her Ex came for employment and she employed him, after some months, her ex started to chewing gum her they started having affairs, she didn’t know the ex was recording everything they did, and he started moving her money and told her to make him the director of the business which she did.

when the business started crumbling, she told him to resign but he threatened her with the video that he would expose her on social media and send it to her husband.

*What is your advice to her?
*Did she do wrong to employ her


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