A Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja, Lagos on Thursday sentenced a 27-year-old teacher, Bright Emelogu, to life imprisonment for sodomising his 14-year-old old student.

Justice Abiola Soladoye of the Ikeja held that Emelogu was amoral, callous, reckless and everything a teacher should not.

According to her, the evidence of the survivor was corroborated by the evidence of the nominal complainant, his aunt and the medical report from Mirabel Medical Centre in Ikeja.

She said: ” The survivor, in this case, narrated before this court that the defendant was his class teacher and that he complained to his aunt that he was not doing well in school.

“The survivor said ‘he (defendant) told his aunt that he was dumb which made the aunt arrange an after-school lesson with the defendant.

“The survivor said the defendant ordered him to go into the school toilet and but he refused which made him threaten to fail the survivor in his third term examination if he did not obey him.

“The survivor said he eventually co-operated with the defendant because he was afraid and he followed him to the toilet”.

The judge maintained that the testimony of the survivor was truthful truthful and the evidence of the survivor’s aunt was straightforward and unambiguous.

She added that the medical report which was tendered in the court revealed healings in the anus area and lacerations which were consistent to the anus, were not pile related.

She said the defense written address to discharge and acquit the was of no moment as the prosecution proved each of the ingredients of sexual assault by penetration against the defendant.

According to her, the evidence of the defendant was self serving, untruthful and contradictory as he denied writing a statement.
She said: “his own confessional statement which he denied ever writing was admitted into evidence in this court.

“Exhibit A, the statement of the defendant, exhibit B, statement of nominal complainant and exhibit C, the medical report are self explanatory and pertinent to convict the defendant.

“The same exhibit A is crucial as it is the confessional statement of the defendant which is good as granting conviction.

“This paedophile, Bright Emelogu, is a disgrace to the teaching profession and he must pay for his sexual indiscretions.

“Hopefully, this will also serve to other male teachers like him to desist from messing around with the innocence of their students,”

The, judge, having found the defendant guilty of the one count charge, sentenced him to life imprisonment.

She ordered that the defendant have his name registered in the sexual offences register as maintained by Lagos State Government.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Soladoye called on school proprietors to be selective and conduct due diligence on their staff before recruiting them.

She said said schools at all time should encourage students and pupils to speak up whenever they were sexually molested.

“I know they might be afraid to do so but this is to their own advantage as they can report same to appropriate authorities.

“Association of school proprietors as a matter of fact should hold conferences, meetings to encourage pupils and children to speak up.

“A teacher is to teach morals and impact knowledge but alas! this defendant is everything a teacher should not be,” Soladoye said.

The judge added that quality and dependable staff must be recruited in the teaching profession as the welfare of students must be upheld at all time.

The state counsel, Mrs Olufunke Adegoke called three witnesses while the defendant testified as sole witness.

The offence violated Section 261 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015


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