ODENIGBO*** ( 12;15 PM-3PM)


📌 segment 1 (12:15pm)

In marriage you share everything including infection, how true is this?

Let talk?

📌 segment 2 (1pm)

This story is about a certain man whose brother got married,but never touched his wife , and this lasted for over 10-11 months. The wife can’t boast of having sex with her husband, though he goes about with other girls.

While this was happening,the wife went to his husband’s elder brother for help telling him to talk to his brother which he did but he refused to take correction, rather he left his wife to go after another woman.

When the rent of their house expired, the elder brother took her and her kids in. In her quest for attention and love,she started sleeping with her brother in-law(who is also married). Now the woman’s husband is back,only for him to find out that his wife is pregnant for his elder brother.

Who should be blamed in this situation?
🙂 Wife
🙂 Husband
🙂 The husband’s elder brother


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