Lukman had accused Omisore of mismanaging funds meant for campaigns in Osun state, during the just concluded general election.

The vice-chairman also sued Omisore and Abdullahi Adamu, national chairman of the party, asking a court to compel them to provide APC’s financial report on the elections.

The ruling party had reportedly raked in billions of naira from the sale of nomination forms.

Speaking on Television programme, on Tuesday, Omisore said some of the issues raised by Lukman have been addressed by the party, but he is ignorant because he does not attend meetings.
Omisore said only cowards who are afraid of speaking are behind Lukman.

“There are cowards everywhere. So, it is not impossible. But the point is that out of 25 members of the national working committee (NWC), only one person is the black sheep,” he said.

“The NWC members are 25 and only one person, Lukman, has written so many letters, which bothers on ignorance on his part.

“About two months ago, he came to apologize to us and held a press conference to say that he was not well informed about what he did. What else do you want us to do to him? Beat or kill him?”


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