The President-elect, Bola Tinubu, in a lighthearted tone, turned down a request by Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for a refund after embarking on the construction of some federal roads in the state.

Tinubu, who spoke on Wednesday while inaugurating the Rumuokwuta-Rumuola Flyover in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, said he doesn’t owe Wike a dime. The President-elect asked Wike to lobby him for a refund.

“(Concerning) the 12th flyover and the demand you made for a refund, I owe you nothing. It is your road,” Tinubu said to the admiration of the crowd.

“You can’t (put me in a) chokehold and make a demand. You are the one living on this road. I commend your effort. You have to lobby me to collect (it).

“As you make people happy, create excitement and development across this state, we have something to look forward to – Nigeria. You and I must discuss that, not expected indebtedness.”

For his part, Wike said the projects undertaken by the state ought to be done by the Federal Government.

He stated how the state had to amend its procurement law to enable it to source funds and complete the various flyover projects it embarked on in record time.


“And unfortunately too, these projects ought to be Federal Government projects because they are federal roads,” Wike stated.

“If we had said because they are Federal Government roads, we won’t do it, who are those to suffer?

“Since we have said we don’t want our people to suffer, I also believe that the Federal Government should say, ‘Look, you have done well for us. These are projects we should be doing. Can you bring your bill? Let us refund you the money ‘(with which) you have done these roads.

“That is what it is supposed to be for a partnership with a good Federal Government. I can assure you, as you enter the office and you approve to pay this money back, other states will have the courage to also do the same thing.



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