Daniel, who was elected in February to the red chamber of the 10th national assembly, said he has written to Dapo Abiodun, the governor, to stop his monthly pension and allowances.

Speaking on Tuesday when he was featured on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Daniel said his decision was borne out of doing the right thing.

“I remember there was indeed a court judgement which SERAP got basically saying that people should not be entitled to double payment, especially if you now have another kind of public service,” he said.

“But even before then, naturally, a human being should not be entitled to double remuneration.

“So, for me, as I said earlier on, it is just about what I need to do. For about 12 years, I was not in public service.

Now that I am back in public service, let me just make sure that I tidy things up. And somebody pointed out to me and I said why don’t I just remind the governor that I am not here and he should please stop the monthly pension that he was paying and hopefully when I am out of the senate, we check what the law says.

“If ex-senators have emolument maybe that is the one I will continue or maybe revert to the government’s as a former governor.”

On the reactions that have trailed his decision, he said he has received positive feedback from colleagues and friends.
He also noted that reactions from the public showed that politicians need to do better and lay good examples.

“It appears that things that are normal are becoming unusual in our country,” he said.

“Looking at what it has generated, it clearly goes to show that people are not happy with public figures any longer. People are sceptical that they would not do the right thing. And I think it’s time we start to lay good examples.

“If we want a better society where value system is the order of the day, we must make sure that even in little things, we set good examples so that others can fall in line.”


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