Femi Adesina, former presidential spokesperson, says Matthew Kukah, Catholic bishop of Sokoto, is pained because he received no patronage from ex-President Muhammadu Buhari.

On Monday, Kukah had said Nigeria witnessed the ugliest phase of corruption during Buhari’s administration.

Kukah spoke while delivering a lecture at the 60th anniversary celebration of Afe Babalola’s call to bar in Ekiti.
“We have seen the worst phase of corruption in Nigeria. Femi Falana, my friend here, will speak about that because he has published a series of articles talking about what happened under the Buhari administration,” he said.

“They were not the ones who caused corruption, but I think in the last administration, we saw the ugliest phase of corruption, whether in moral terms, financial terms, and other terms.”
Reacting in a post on his Twitter page, Adesina mocked Kukah for his statement and said he was simply pained.

“Who listens to that Bishop again? He’s still pained that he got no under-the-cassock patronage from Buhari, unlike in the past. As e dey pain them, e dey sweet us,” he wrote.

Weeks before Buhari left office, Kukah sarcastically asked if the former president had fulfilled his “tall dreams of ending banditry and defeating corruption”.

Reacting, Adesina had said the opinion of the bishop on national issues is “coloured by politics”.

Adesina said Kukah should understand that the Buhari-led administration had degraded insurgency and banditry in the country when compared with what obtained before 2015.
“The figure has been coming down progressively over the years and it is a fact of history. Nobody can change it,” he said.


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