The military rulers of Niger have cancelled more than 990 diplomatic passports held by nationals and foreigners connected to the ousted regime of the deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.

According to the country’s Nigerien Press Agency, the foreign ministry has written to notify diplomatic representations in Niger that the passports are now “lapsed”, according to copies of the letter posted on social networks.

The diplomatic documents were held by former senior figures in institutions and ministries as well as ex-MPs and advisers including the president and prime minister.

In the statement released on Thursday, about 50 of the passports had been given to American, British, French, Libyan and Turkish people as well as other West Africans.

Bazoum was overthrown on July 26 and has since been detained at his residency.

At the end of August, the new regime cancelled passports held by several members of the government who were abroad, including the prime minister, foreign minister and Niger’s ambassador to France.



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