Segment 1: LET’S TALK

A physical and emotional gesture that affirms love

– How can affection push the boundaries of a relationship?

– In what ways have you been affectionate to your partner?


Early last year,my husband told me he needed some professional pictures of me to post on social media to show the world how beautiful I am and how proud of me he is. I provided them without hesitation. I was shocked when he gifted me a dress for Christmas that was outrightly above his income. I asked him where he got the money to buy such expensive outfit when I know it’s not within his means and financial capability to do so and he told me not to worry. I was forced to dig deep when he told me last week that he’s planning to buy me a car before the end of this month and that was when I found out that he has been using my pictures for criminal and misleading purposes and has been milking money from a man abroad who thinks he’s dating me. I feel used and I didn’t know he can go this far to make money. I want to confront him and put an end to his misdemeanors.

*Will I be wise to do so?

*Should I turn a blind eye to it considering the economic situation of the country?

*Is this God’s blessings in disguise?

*Please,tell me what to do


What would you do if your partner’s ex called and threatened you to stop seeing your partner or face the consequences?


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